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Chicken Stew By Numbers!

The hardest part for us with going Primal is cutting out wheat. It’s so easy to make a quick sandwich when you’re hungry, so coming up with easy meals for busy days has been a bit of a challenge! This recipe is one my Fiance, Tina created a couple of days ago to use up [...]

Quick & Easy Yoghurts – Strawberry Fiz

A quick and easy yoghurt recipe which is ideal as a desert or snack, with no additives what so ever, and plenty of fruit packed in there! The mix of the strawberries and the kiwi give a nice Fizzy sensation when you eat it, hence the name, Strawberry fizz! Ingredients: Serves 2 1 Ripe banana [...]

Primal Recipe – Little Gem Lettuce With Bacon & Parmesan

Today’s lunch was rather delicious indeed. A variation on a recipe from Gordon Ramsey’s Secrets book, Tina cooked up this tasty treat for lunch today. It was pretty easy to do, and took only about 15 mins at the most to prepare and cook. I’ll get her to post the full details of what she [...]

Foraged Apples – The very best kind!

Everyday we try to take a bit of a walk in the countryside near where we live and to be honest, apart from the usual blackberries, we’ve never found that much wild fruit. But this year, maybe because we’re looking for it, it seems to be everywhere. Within 30 minutes walk of our home, in [...]

Primal Breakfasts – Homemade Muesli

One of the hardest parts of eating Primal style is finding things that work well for breakfast. Bacon and Eggs is fine a couple of times a week, but for me it gets a bit long in the tooth. As cereals are now off the menu too, I decided to knock up my own Primal [...]

Primal Lamb Rogan Josh

Tonight’s evening meal was nothing short of delicious! Tina and I decided to try and spice up some Lamb Chops a little using a Lamb Rogan Josh recipe from Anjum Anands fantastic Indian Cookbook, Anjum’s New Indian . The recipe uses nothing but good quality tomatoes and a few herbs & spices. Luckily the ingredients [...]

Quick & Easy Primal-ish Salad

Today’s lunch was a quick but extremely delicious Salad, with a couple of our own homegrown salad crops too! Homegrown tomatoes Homegrown cucumber Iceberg lettuce Finely chopped spring onion 4 Homemade sweet potato falafels, of which I could only manage 2 after all that salad! Homemade carrot & red cabbage coleslaw 1 Tablespoon of Boursin [...]

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